PLEASE NOTE: Classes at our new Dewitt Location (former Shoppingtown Location) will not be starting until Monday, September 16th.  Great Northern classes started September 3rd as scheduled. Thank you for your patience!

We Offer

Baby Gym (6 months-18 months)

This is the youngest group of students. The age range for this class is 6 months to 18 months. Share special time with your baby during this fun class full of exploration. Each class will focus on age-appropriate music, movement, tummy time, sitting up, rolling over, crawling, walking, hand/eye coordination, sharing, and much more. Each child must attend with his/her own "grown up."

Shoppingtown Location:

RegisterBaby Gym-ST-Thurs-11-11:30Thu11:00am-11:30amBoth0.5 - 1.5U/A
RegisterBaby Gym-ST-Tues-11-11:30Tue11:00am-11:30amBoth0.5 - 1.5U/A

Great Northern Location:

RegisterBaby Gym-GN-M-11-11:30Mon11:00am-11:30amBoth0.5 - 1.50

Parent & Tot (18 months-3 years)

The age range is 18 months to 3 years old. A great introduction to physical activity in which the parents and children explore and interact together! This class meets once per week for 45 minutes.

Shopping Town Location:

RegisterParent & Tot-ST-Sat 10:00Sat10:00am-10:45amBoth1.5 - 370.00
RegisterParent & Tot-ST-Sat 11:00Sat11:00am-11:45amBoth1.5 - 370.00
RegisterParent & Tot-ST-Thurs 10:00Thu10:00am-10:45amBoth1.5 - 370.00
RegisterParent & Tot-ST-Tues 10:00Tue10:00am-10:45amBoth1.5 - 370.00

Great Northern Location:

RegisterParent & Tot-GN-Sat-9-9:45
Both1.5 - 370.00
RegisterParent & Tot-GN-Tues 10-10:45
Tue10:00am-10:45amBoth1.5 - 370.00

Kinder Kids (3 - 5 years old)

Designed for the 3 to 5 year old age group. This class is a great introduction to gymnastics and pre-academic skills (colors, shapes, letters, and numbers). For some children, this may be their first experience in a group setting without mom or dad. We focus on self-confidence, coordination, large motor skills, athleticism, and teamwork during this class. This class meets at least one time per week for 45 minutes.

Shoppingtown Location:


Great Northern Location:


Pre Beginner Classes (5 & 6 years old)

This class is designed for boys and girls ages 5 and 6. It is basic gymnastics at a higher level then Kinder Kids but the smaller group size makes for a more intimate setting than Beginners. This class meets at least 1 time per week for one hour.

Shoppingtown Location:

RegisterPre-Beginners-ST-Fri-4:30Fri4:30pm-5:30pmBoth5 - 6.9278.00
RegisterPre-Beginners-ST-Sat-9:00Sat9:00am-10:00amBoth5 - 6.9278.00
RegisterPre-Beginners-ST-Thurs-4:30Thu4:30pm-5:30pmBoth5 - 6.9278.00

Beginner Classes (6 - 12 years old)

This class is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. In this level, children are challenged with skills cards and work in a progression to accomplish their own personal gymnastics goals. Stretching and conditioning are incorporated in this class. Instruction is given on all Olympic events. The class meets at least one time per week for 1 hour.

Shoppingtown Location:

Beginner Girls:
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Mon-4:15Mon4:15pm-5:15pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Mon-5:15Mon5:15pm-6:15pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Mon-6:15Mon6:15pm-7:15pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Tues-4:15Tues4:15pm-5:15pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Tues-5:15Tues5:15pm-6:15pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Wed-4:30Wed4:30pm-5:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Wed-5:30Wed5:30pm-6:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Wed-6:30Wed6:30pm-7:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Thurs-4:00Thurs4:00pm-5:00pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Thurs-6:00Thurs6:00pm-7:00pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Fri-4:30Fri4:30pm-5:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Fri-5:30Fri5:30pm-6:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Fri-6:30Fri6:30pm-7:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Sat-9:00Sat9:00am-10:00amFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Sat-10:00Sat10:00am-11:00amFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-ST-Sat-11:00Sat11:00am-12:00pmFemale6-1278.00
Beginner Boys:
RegisterBeginner Boys-ST-Mon-4:30Mon4:30pm-5:30pmMale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Boys-ST-Mon-6:00Mon6:00pm-7:00pmMale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Boys-ST-Tues-4:30Tues4:30pm-5:30pmMale9-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Boys-ST-Wed-4:30Wed4:15pm-5:15pmMale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Boys-ST-Fri-4:30Fri4:30pm-5:30pmMale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Boys-ST-Fri-5:30Fri5:30pm-6:30pmMale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Boys-ST-Sat-9:00Sat9:00am-10:00amMale6-1278.00

Great Northern Location:

Beginner Girls:
RegisterBeginner Girls-GN-Mon-7-8Mon7:00pm-8:00pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-GN-Tues-4:30-5:30Tues4:30pm-5:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-GN-Wed-4:30-5:30Wed4:30pm-5:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-GN-Wed-6:30-7:30Wed6:30pm-7:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-GN-Th-6:30-7:30Thu6:30pm-7:30pmFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-GN-Sat-10-11Sat10:00am-11:00amFemale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner Girls-GN-Sat-11-12Sat11:00am-12:00pmFemale6-1278.00
Beginner Boys:
RegisterBeginner BOYS-GN-Tu 4:30-5:30Tue4:30pm-5:30pmMale6-1278.00
RegisterBeginner BOYS-GN-Th-4:30-5:30Thu4:30pm-5:30pmMale6-1278.00

Intermediate Beginner Classes

This class is designed for boys or girls between the ages of 6 and 12. In this level children are working on level 2 skills according to USAG guidelines. This class is invite only and meets at least 1 time per week for 1 hour and 30 mins.


This class is designed for girls ages 6 to 12. In this level children are working level 2 and 3 skills according to USAG guidelines. This class is invite only and meets at least 2 times per week for 2 hours.

Tumbling/Back Handspring Clinic

This class is designed for beginner and advanced tumblers. It is an ideal class for those who want to focus on tumbling only (cheerleaders, acro-dancers, etc.). Stretching and conditioning are incorporated in this class. The class is offered multiple times per week and is 45 minutes long.

Competitive Team

We offer both boys' and girls' competitive gymnastics programs. The compulsory program is the entry into the Junior Olympics competitive world, where each gymnast performs the same USAG designated routine and is judged on the predetermined set of performance standards. The girls levels are 3-5 and the boys are 4-6. The compulsory program progresses the gymnast to the optional level, where each gymnast performs individual routines and is judged based on each of the levels specific requirements. The competitive team is a year round program designed to build on the basics that progresses one through the levels. This is by invitation only and an evaluation by one of our coaches can be scheduled.

We also now offer Xcel! Entry level Silver through Platinum.

Special Olympics

Information coming soon!


This is a one hour class that can be taken at least one time per week. Cargo net, rings, ropes, peg board, and warped wall are included in this fun filled competitive obstacle coarse. Boys and girls 6 to 18 are invited.